Every day involves a million little decisions – however the ones you make first thing in the morning – what you wear – drive much of the rest of the day. People treat you differently based on the way you dress. You can use clothes to stand out or blend in, brighten your day or express your mood.

As someone who loves to get dressed in the morning, I use this blog to share my thoughts on clothes – buying, making, wearing.

Having learned to sew when I was very small, thanks to my mother, I have always had a lot of control over what I wear. I haven’t been subject to the latest trends, if I can’t buy the item I have in mind I generally make it.

I have a passion for well made, quality clothes, and try to avoid ‘made in China’ garments. I support local designers, and love a good rummage through an Op Shop.

Most importantly I follow one rule that my mother drilled into me – ‘classy girls never look cold’ – and baby ’tis cold outside.


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