A beginning

ChoicesWell here it goes – I’m starting a blog about what I wear. I am not one of those people who take pictures of their dinner and post them on Facebook. I don’t status update or tweet. I do however love getting dressed every day and put a lot of thought into the process.

I believe it is worth the time and effort. I feel great, and the people I work with are generally entertained by my efforts (I think they all believe I have a closet the size of a house – I don’t). The most frequent comments are ‘your clothes always fit you so well’,’you’re always so put together’, and ‘you have a good eye’. Whilst i’m flattered by this I don’t really understand why this should be worthy of comment. Doesn’t everyone think about what they put on in the morning? Why shouldn’t my clothes fit me properly – don’t yours? Apparently not.

I am not a designer of clothes – but I assemble a good outfit and I do sew (mainly from patterns). I take in clothes i’ve bought new/secondhand so that they fit me (gasp!). I get as much pleasure from planning an outfit for a big event as the event itself.So I’m going to use this blog to ramble on about my various rules and opinions on fashion, post photos of my latest sewing creations, op shop finds, and outfits i’m particularly proud of. And to start – here one of my past sewing/thrifting creations:

Blue suitBlue Suit detailIMG_0182

This suit was the result of some luscious silk houndstooth fabric that my gorgeous friend Lady Lissom had in her shop in Melbourne that was crying out to be made into something special. I made a full pleated skirt, added lining to give it weight and to make it silky to wear. The jacket was a ‘thrift’ find at the Camberwell Markets. The biggest challenge was finding a navy jacket in just the right navy to match the blue in the skirt – but I was incredibly lucky to come across this one on my first day hunting. Leftover bits of the skirt fabric became new cuffs for the jacket to add some necessary length in the sleeves and to tie the jacket to the skirt as a proper suit. I replaced the original buttons from the cuffs further down on the new cuffs so that they matched the buttons on the front. The only challenge with wearing it is finding a top to wear with it that doesn’t detract from the clean lines or add too much bulk, and that doesn’t clash with the yellowy cream of the houndstooth. That, and finding navy shoes and handbag to match of course.

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